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President's Report

State of the Chapter – MPI Virginia – January 2017
By Jeff Schmid, President

For those of you that attended the January meeting last week, some of this may sound familiar.  But I wanted to take some time to let the membership know how our chapter is doing this year. 

MPI years run from July 1st to June 30th so we are a little over halfway through our current year.  One of the things that the Virginia Chapter Board keeps an eye on all year is our Chapter Metrics.  Each year, MPI Global sets certain goals for all of the chapters so we remain compliant with MPI standards.  If we do good enough on these metrics, we can earn incentive points.  These points can be redeemed for a variety of things, including credit towards educational speakers, member discounts to international events and chapter giveaways.  The incentive metrics that MPI has set for all chapters focus on five key areas: Net Member Growth, Education Satisfaction, Member Satisfaction, Volunteer Engagement and Financial Health.  For the 2015-2016 MPI year, we received 14 out of a possible 15 points!  Because of this, we are able to bring in a few great speakers this year that we otherwise might not have been able to afford.  This is several years in a row now that the Virginia Chapter has been close to maxing out on incentive points so the bar has been set.  This year we are currently trending 9 out of a possible 14 points.  Which is good… but not great!  We can only get to 14 if everyone in the chapter helps us out.  How can you help?  I am glad you asked!

Tell people about us!  Although our yearly numbers for Net Member Growth are trending upwards, the monthly numbers so far this year are lower than we’d like.  So the first thing you can do is tell people what it’s like to be an MPI member!  Why do you continue to join and attend?  The simple truth is the more great people we have join this chapter, the better this chapter becomes.  YOU are the reason MPI Virginia ranks as one of the top chapters in the world.  So go tell people why you are a member!   

Tell us how we are doing!  The leadership for the Virginia Chapter is constantly trying to get feedback from our members.  Every event you attend, you will get a survey. In the month of February, you will receive a Chapter Satisfaction Survey from MPI.  There will be several focus groups and phone calls from board members to ask questions about what events you most want to see.  Whether you time the time to give us feedback directly affect not only the incentive numbers this year but the health of the chapter for years to come.   So please make sure your opinion gets heard!  

Volunteer!  My first MPI mentor told me that “you get out of MPI what you put into it.” This is so true!  I have learned and grown so much as a professional and a person by volunteering for this organization.  Please consider giving your time to help this chapter grow and get better.  You will not regret it.  You don’t have to be the next board member (be you could be…), there are small tasks that you can do to help your chapter function.  Please feel free to contact me or any board member if you’d like to look at ways you can get plugged in to this chapter.

Besides the focus on the incentives, we have many plans to help this chapter improve this year.  Perhaps the most significant one we have made so far is the change in website platforms.  The new platform gives us flexibility of content, ease of use and a seamless data transfer between our chapter and the MPI global database.  But we are far from done.  Changing the platform was just the first step.  We have big plans for enhancements to the site in the coming months and we are really excited about it… but we realize for members, it might be a bit confusing as first.  Things aren’t in the same place.  Functionality that might be used to is either somewhere else or missing all together.  So we want you to be a part of these enhancements!  There is a “Feedback Box” on the main page of the website.  If there is something you want from the website or if you simple can’t find something, please click that box and send it to us!  Once we get some of those enhancements up and running, we will demo those changes at a future meeting.

Here are some of the other things we have planned for this year:

  • The Nominations Committee is hard at work finalizing the 2017-18 Board of Directors for our chapter and we will be announcing that in February!
  • We are having an event February Networking Event and we are doing something different.  We really want to you be a part of it!  We are excited to be hosting a Paint & Play night at Dave & Buster’s in Richmond on Thursday, February 2nd.   The event kicks off at 5:00pm with some networking time, dinner at 5:30pm and then the paint night starts at 600pm.  If painting is not your thing, you can just sign up for dinner and unlimited game play!  If you are interested in painting, please sign up as soon as possible because spots are limited.  Either way, it should be a great time!
  • In March, we will be inviting back one of our most popular speakers from this year’s Annual Conference. Major Will Smith from the Richmond City Police, who participated in our panel will be expanding on the topic of event safety.
  • And we already have this year’s Annual Conference Registration open and you can book your room now!  That might seem a bit early to some until you remember that annual conference this year is in August… in Virginia Beach… ocean front!  The Sheraton Virginia Beach Oceanfront hotel has given us a great rate so you do not want to miss out so book your room today!    

Please continue to read our weekly email, the Virginia Voice for updates and chapter news.  Thank you for being a part of this chapter!

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Upcoming Events

MPI Virginia Paint & Game Night
February 2, 2017 | 5:30pm
Dave & Busters - Glen Allen, VA

MPI Virginia April Monthly Education Meeting
April 6, 2017 | 11:00am
Great Wolf Lodge Williamsburg - Williamsburg, VA

MPI World Education Congress - WEC 2017
June 19 - 22, 2017
MGM Grand - Las Vegas, NV

MPI Virginia Annual Education Conference & Awards Dinner
August 16 - 18, 2017
Sheraton Virginia Beach Oceanfront - Virginia Beach, VA

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Name: Megan Seagram
Title: Vice President    
Organization: Seagram's Systems Audio Visual

Best thing about job: Owning our own company (Hubby and I) and being able to make our own decisions, including putting our faith and family first, which was rarely, if ever, possible in our past lives in the corporate world!                     

Volunteer positions: I was the MPI-VA Annual Conference Co-Chair the last two years (2015 & 2016), on the Ambassador Committee in 2015 and was on the executive board for the 2016 Pink Tie Gala to raise funds for Susan G. Komen that just took place in Richmond in October.     

Event horror story: I worked in a large hotel during Hurricane Irene in 2010 (HurriQuake Week). We had the big Richmond earthquake early in the week, which was crazy enough on its own, but then we had two weddings scheduled that Saturday, when the Hurricane was scheduled to hit. During the wedding being held in the lobby/street level, giant 10'x10' panels of heavy "siding" started coming off the outside of the hotel as the hurricane was on top of us. There was one giant piece dangling by one corner above the street (12 stories up) for about 20 minutes and we had to shut down the road beneath it to wait for it to fall and shatter without damaging vehicles parked in valet or hurting anyone. We did everything in our power to never let the bride know what was happening literally 20 feet from her wedding (and one little set of doors that we did our best to keep closed was all that separated her from having a huge window view of the whole show). She never knew, so it worked out, but it was a crazy night!    

Hobbies: Anything to do with animals, especially my pups, spending time with my adorable niece and nephews. Doing "touristy things" around Richmond (and elsewhere) with my hubby. Cheering on the Dallas Cowboys and George Mason Basketball! 

Husband/Wife/Kids/Pets: Married to hubby Ian for nearly 4 and a half years (we eloped in 2012). Two fur children - puppies Mason, who's 7, and Diesel, who'll be 5 this Christmas.    

Pet Peeve: People who say "supposably", misusing their/there/they're, and people who cruise in the left lane directly next to someone in the right lane so no one can pass either of them.   


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