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The Salad Saga: Food Allergy Training Needs to be Mandatory
by Tracy Stuckwrath
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But, The Salad is Gluten-Free! Last week a meeting planner (MP) posted a message (below) on my Facebook feed frustrated with the response the director of catering at a large convention center (DC) was providing when she asked if the serving vessel the salad was in was actually gluten-free. The conversation went something like this:

MP: I notice that the salad is labeled gluten-free. Is that cone (vessel) the salad is being served in gluten-free as well? If it is not, then the salad is not gluten-free and the label should be corrected.

DC: The salad is gluten-free. You do not have to eat the vessel.

MP: But, the salad is in the vessel, making the salad not gluten-free. Please correct the label.

DC: But the SALAD is gluten-free.

The director of catering had clearly not been trained to understand cross-contamination or cross-contact and food allergens. How did the meeting planner know? 

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Risk Management: Strategy or Simply Compliance?
Date: July 25, 2017
Time: 11:00AM - 12:00PM Central

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Sponsored by Marriott and Greater Fort Lauderdale Meet Sunny
Proposed 1 Hour Domain C: Risk Management

Challenge what "Risk Management" refers to and how it contributes to your organization’s performance. There are a variety of pre-conceived notions about risk management, many of which are negative. Discover a fresh look at a subject that many see as tedious or boring, and understand the thinking behind good risk management and what makes it work effectively.

Learner Outcomes:
• Discover why risk management is important to your business.
• Learn what the customer sees when it comes to risk.
• Find simple and easy techniques to help you prepare for the uncertainties of tomorrow.

Speaker(s): Vicki Hawarden, Excellence Squared

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